Review of Blade of the Destroyer


    Blade of the Destroyer by Andy Peloquin     Reviewed by Rocky Reichman, Editor-in-Chief             Can an assassin inspire people to lead meaningful lives? To get back up when they have fallen down?     There are many types of people who can inspire resilience and hope. They include first responders and human rights workers, soldiers and therapists, physicians and nurses, scientists and religious leaders. They can be entrepreneurs, they can be teachers. Which is why if an author wishes to create a character that inspires these traits, it is easy to see why they might choose one that works in one of the professions listed above.     But in Blade of the Destroyer, author Andy Peloquin does something more ...

August 21, 2015

Resilience Spotlight: Ronald Cohen, MD, Family Psychotherapist, Part 2


        WMB (Watch Me Bounce): How do you train people in resilience?     RC (Ronald Cohen): Unlike traditional therapy and psychiatry, I work with the entire family so that it comes out whole in a manner that is less costly, more focused and results in greater efficacy, in a shorter period of time. A family-resilience approach is positive, competency and strength based, health oriented, and non-pathologizing. Bowen Systemic Family coaching promotes optimal resilience by supporting family strengths and resources, and promoting healthy adaptation to adversity. The goals of resilience-based training include:   · Help individuals address the unmet psychosocial needs of chronic and fatal illnesses and disability within their family. · Help families pay attention to the biological, ...

July 25, 2013

Resilience Spotlight: Ronald Cohen, MD, Family Psychotherapist, Part 1


        Questions for Ronald Cohen, MD, Family Psychotherapist.             WMB (Watch Me Bounce): Please tell us a little about what you do.   RC (Ronald Cohen): I am an Board Certified Psychiatrist turned Systemic Family Therapist  trained at Family Institute of Westchester in the multicultural, multicontextual extension of Bowen Theory, who specializes in helping families adapt and heal from unexpected crises and stressful life-cycle challenges, especially those caused by severe and chronic medical and psychiatric illness, trauma, and disability. I provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational services to help families resolve relationship difficulties and live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. As a consultant specialist I provide clinical supervision and help other health ...

June 27, 2013

The Draw of Broken Eyes and Whirling Metaphysics by Clifford Brooks: Review


        Clifford Brooks, a veteran poet, has injected a new collection of verse into the greater scope of Southern literature. His work stands out, however, in that it is not only beautiful, but tells a beautiful story as well.     His poems burst with examples of the need for-and illustration-of the concept of psychological resilience. Clifford writes from the heart, yet still pays clear attention to detail. His work can at times appear simplistic, while impregnated throughout with terms\ideas that are advanced in both intellectual and cultural fashions. He reveals human existence from a new light.     One example that caught this reviewer's attention occurred at the book's end in his epic entitle The Gateman's ...

February 7, 2013

Resilience Spotlight: Charles Brooks III, Poet & Author


          Watch Me Bounce Interview with Charles Brooks III, Poet and Author     WMB (Watch Me Bounce): Please tell us a little about yourself and what you do.   CB (Charles Brooks): I was born and grew up in Georgia. I am lucky to have great parents. Much of the support that’s pulled me through has come from them. No matter the trauma, good friends and family are cornerstones of recovery. I first noticed issues with depression/mania in my early teen years, and by the college years I had begun to self-medicate by using alcohol, which, for a while, seemed to curb the rollercoaster, but in reality ...

September 9, 2012

Review: Mountain Man


    Mountain Man by Keith C. Blackmore   Reviewed by Juanima Hiatt, Nonfiction Editor         Mountain Man tells the apocalyptic tale of Augustus “Gus” Berry as a lone survivor on the outskirts of a town laden with the undead—a town which he must frequent in order to stay alive.     Gus has managed to distance himself from the danger by commandeering an upscale, abandoned home on the mountain overlooking the infected city, but ransacking those homes down below for canned food and other necessities is Gus’s ticket to survival. There’s just one problem: even the undead need a roof over their heads, and Gus never knows when they’ll meet him at the door, or come flocking to ...

June 24, 2012

Review: The Pursuit of Cool


    The Pursuit of Cool, by Robb Skidmore   Reviewed by Gila Heller, Assistant Editor       The Pursuit of Cool, Robb Skidmore’s debut novel, follows young adult protagonist Lance Rally through his turbulent college career in the 1980s. Lance, who comes from a prestigious, stuffed-shirt family in suburban Virginia, befriends Ian LaCoss, the product of a divorced hippie couple in California. While Lance enters Langford College with every intention of succeeding academically, Ian doesn’t seem to care about grades, and he hijacks Lance onto a path of excessive drinking, recreational drug use, and chasing girls, all in the name of— as the title suggests— the elusive “cool” moniker. Lance succumbs to peer pressure every time, ...

April 17, 2012

Resilience Spotlight: The Story of Detachment Commander Brad Coulbeck


      Resilience Spotlight: A New Initiative by Watch Me Bounce   Stories of resilience can come from survivors who have experienced resilience firsthand. They can also come from writers who have witnessed this phenomenon. Here at Watch Me Bounce, we want to highlight the stories that teach us about resilience from another, additional perspective: the hero. Just as stories of people being resilient can inspire us, so too can stories from people who train others in this very important area. These resilience builders are more than heroes: they not only save people, but help people learn how to save themselves. To kick off this series, the team at Watch Me Bounce decided to ...

September 2, 2011

Review: Blood of Requiem


  Blood of Requiem, by Daniel Arenson: What Can a Story About Dragons Teach Us About Resilience? By Rocky Reichman, Editor-in-Chief Watch Me Bounce (.com) (Warning: May contain spoilers). What is Resilience? There is no one answer to this question. Resilience can lie in a myriad of situations, and is more of a type of response rather than reaction to a specific adversity. But despite its broad definition, there are situations which anyone will mark as resilient. Let's take a look at one below: Imagine you are the son of a powerful king, ruler of a race more powerful than any other people that can shift into dragons at will. You are heir to the throne, ...

August 28, 2011

Review of They Never Gave Up


Review of They Never Gave Up Description of the Book: Article: Tammy February They Never Gave Up by Linda Penhall (IFWG Publishers) Set against a wonderfully charming Irish background, They Never Gave Up chronicles the lives of Cathy and Pauline, two life-long friends who traverse through life with an abundant amount of energy, reckless abandon and relentless gusto. Cathy is smart, witty and gorgeous. She has a love affair with horses and a devoted husband who adores her. Her life should be everything she's ever wanted and more. But is it really what she wants? And does she really have it all? For Pauline, on the other hand, life is ...

August 14, 2011