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Please read the guidelines and terms below, as well as our Disclaimer, prior to submitting your work.


What We Publish: Real-life Stories, Fictional Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry and Book Reviews on “Resilience.”

Resilience can be written about in many ways. We welcome entries about resilience as steering though stress, fear and anger in real-time (emotion regulation); entries about overcoming adversity (bouncing back) and entries about not only surviving, but thriving on adversity (growth). Entries may cover one, two or all of these themes.

**Note: Please do not send us any submissions that contain any kind of “Personally Identifiable Information.” Watch Me Bounce seeks to create a place to share and read submissions that inspire but do not result in any slander, libel or other type of defamation whatsoever. Content and information in all submissions are the sole responsibility of the respective author of that submission. Thank you for understanding.

Submission Guidelines: Terms & Conditions

A Watch Me Bounce submission does not have to conform to any specific guidelines. We want you to write in whatever style you like best, and whatever form makes you most passionate. We welcome submissions from both new and established writers. We only ask that your work in somehow relates to and inspires resilience.
Submissions are read “blind,” meaning that they are only reviewed by staff who have not been able to see the names of the authors of the works they review. This is done in order to provide a more fair chance for every writer, and because we value an author’s quality content over their credentials.

Please read the guidelines and terms below prior to submitting your work.


Who Can Submit To Watch Me Bounce?

Anyone with a great idea, an engaging story, and a passion for writing and/or resilience.  If you have something great to share, we want to publish you. Be willing to promote and discuss your work upon publication. We accept work based on merit, not resumes. We welcome new as well as established writers to submit.


How Do I Submit My Work?

The preferred method of submission is e-mail. Send your Submissions to

The Watch Me Bounce Team is currently working on an easy, simpler way for writers to submit their work. in the meantime, we implore all prospective writers to send their submissions via e-mail.


What We Publish:

  • Fictional Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Real-Life Stories: Creative Nonfiction by Survivors and Thrivers of Adversity
  • Book Reviews: Actively Seeking review columnists.
  • Humor Pieces
  • Essays
  • Author Interviews–Staff Written. Must Apply to be considered for an interview. We are interested in hearing from psychologists, authors, entrepreneurs, survivors and others who have been active in building “resilience.”



To be accepted, your e-mailed submission must read “Submission” in the subject line. You must also include the type of work you are submitting (e.g. fiction or “poem”) as well as sufficient contact information (name, e-mail, country etc.) Please paste you submission into the body of your e-mail. Attachments are allowed, but only Microsoft Word (.doc) files will be accepted.


First Time Electronic Rights, Copyright Policy

All writers retain their copyright and all of their rights to their work. Watch Me Bounce however reserves the right to publish any writing (articles, stories, poems etc.) submitted to us in Watch Me Bounce (the online magazine), on, in our Archives (on a separate website we operate) or in any publication—print or electronic– produced by Watch Me Bounce and/or Reichman Media. This includes allowing content we publish to be linked to or shared (via links) on social media websites.

Unfortunately, we do not currently pay for published works at this time. However, we do offer compensation in the form of a free proofreading for every submission we accept (editing, if necessary, is done prior to a submission’s publication) before the work is published on our website. Watch Me Bounce only has first time electronic rights to your work, which means the author retains complete ownership and can submit it anywhere else they like. We accept first-time work as well as previously published work. We hope to awarding monetary prizes sometime in the future, beginning with cash prizes from competition sponsors. Right now our contributors get paid in the recognition and credentials they receive by being published in Watch Me Bounce, as well as by having their work edited, polished and promoted through Watch Me Bounce.


Additional Guidelines:

We do not place any restriction on the content (writing) but we ask that (it be your original work and that) you conform to the following guidelines.

· Size: Articles, essays, poems, short stories and all other submissions should not be more than 5,000 words. We rarely make exceptions.

· Queries are preferable, but not required. We welcome unsolicited material.
· Please refrain from using any vulgar language or language that gives hint to erotica, drugs or other restricted content. All genres are accepted, except erotica. Your submission may involve violence or romance as in modern popular fiction, but please nothing too graphic or explicit.
· Check your writing for spelling, grammatical and language errors before submitting it, and please do your best to edit your work. A few mistakes here and there will be accepted, but excessive mistakes will automatically be rejected. (We have no taste for writing that hasn’t been edited.) This warrants repetition: Edit your writing before you submit.
· You are welcome to send bylines or short biographies of yourself or previous publishing credentials, however we do not ask that as all writers will be treated equally. Photos accompanying your submissions are a plus. If accepted, we may even purchase a photo to display alongside your published work.
· Watch Me Bounce is an online magazine so there are no set deadlines. Upon acceptance, you will be informed of the publication date for your work. We accept submissions all year. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, however, our response time may be slow.
· Multiple Submissions are allowed. Unpublished work is preferred, but if your writing has already been published in print or online then it will still be accepted.
Zero Tolerance Policy for Plagiarism

Please edit your work before sending it to us. One or two grammar mistakes is acceptable, but please edit your work before sending it to us.  (If you find us making a grammar mistake–which can and has happened, we’ll reward you with a glowing e-mail of appreciation).

Questions and Comments:

If you have any further questions about our Submissions page, or if you would like to query us about submitting your writing, then please contact our Editor, Rocky Reichman, at


Response Time:

Due to the overwhelming number of submission we may receive at Watch Me Bounce, we cannot promise a prompt response. However, we will make every effort to respond to and review every submission that comes our way. We apologize in advance if we miss anything, but ask that if this is the case you please send a followup e-mail with your submission.
Above all: write well, edit your work and be professional. That’s a sure path to breaking into Watch Me Bounce.
We look forward to receiving and reviewing your submissions.

Your truly,

The Editors of Watch Me Bounce


Privacy Policy

Except for content submitted, your name and your byline and photo (if provided), Watch Me Bounce will not use or publish any personal information without permission from the individuals concerned first. Watch Me Bounce  does not sell your information, and does not give it to any third party.

**Special Note for Nonfiction Authors: All authors of “true” or nonfiction content may need to use pseudonyms or initials instead of their real name, if published. This is due to not only legal but also safety reasons. Upon submitting your work to Watch Me Bounce, whether as part of a contest, general submission or other reason, the author must note that they are at this point agreeing to all the guidelines and terms stated on this page.

Note: Watch Me Bounce reserves the right to refuse any submission or submitter for any reason or if we deem the work inappropriate.

REMOVAL OF CONTENT: If your work is published with Watch Me Bounce but you subsequently need it to be removed, please e-mail with details. In almost any case, the content will be removed promptly.

Other Safety and Legal Note:




Disclaimer: Please click here to read our disclaimer, for both writers and general readers.

Note: You (all authors, contributors, and others) MUST read and accept our Disclaimer and Terms/Guidelines prior to submitting your work to Watch Me Bounce. Thank You.