Review of They Never Gave Up

Review of They Never Gave Up

Description of the Book:

Article: Tammy February

They Never Gave Up  by  Linda Penhall (IFWG Publishers)
Set against a wonderfully charming Irish background, They Never Gave Up chronicles  the lives of Cathy and Pauline, two life-long friends who traverse through life with an abundant amount of energy, reckless abandon and  relentless gusto.

Cathy is smart, witty and gorgeous. She has a love affair with horses and a devoted husband who adores her.  Her life should be everything she’s ever wanted and more. But is it really what she wants? And does she really have it all?

For Pauline, on the other hand, life is one big party.  She’s the life and soul of every event and makes sure that she stands out and is noticed by all and sundry. Yet, underneath the reckless devil-may-care attitude, hides a sensitive soul who longs for love and acceptance.

Between trying to manage work, life, love, marriage and heartbreak, the lives of these two lifelong friends are only just beginning to get interesting.



Why It’s Related to Resilience: The character Pauline, has to  summon all her inner strenght, not only to admit she has a drug problem, but also fight it for the remainder of her life, and Cathy (main character) needs all her resilience and then some when her mother dies prematurely (she’s 14) leaving her bereft and coping with a withdrawn father.



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