The Plucky, Lucky Grasshopper

Posted on: February 28, 2012
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The Plucky, Lucky Grasshopper
By Lucy Redding


On a summer’s drive down ’95,

A hitchhiker took his place.

He was browny-green and barely seen,

Till noticed by keen-eyed Grace.

A little grasshopper, just one inch long,

Apparently wanted to come along,

As we drove to town from country.

He must have thought he was running late –

Perhaps for dinner, perhaps for date –

So as we zoomed down the interstate,

He managed to cling to the window.

Grace and I were safe inside,

But much more daring, he chose to ride

Outside, on the window.

How did he do it? We started to wonder,

For surely this wasn’t a stupid blunder.

It had to be a plan.

Could he have suction cups, or sticky feet?

Whatever it was, it was certainly neat,

And it kept him glued to the window.

Though grasshoppers aren’t considered bright,

Somehow he knew to hang on tight,

And I’ll tell you what, he did it right,

‘Cause he got to town from country.

He didn’t give up, he didn’t let go,

He held on tight, and I want you to know …

It worked.

When we got to town and stopped the car,

He hopped right off, and I’ll be he’s far

Away now,

Telling his friends of his summer drive

Down Interstate Number 95:

“I beat the odds, I managed to thrive.

Don’t ever give up, and you’ll survive.

I promise!”


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