Pain Bleeds Joy

Posted on: September 23, 2011
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Pain Bleeds Joy

BY: Alyssa Atara Chouake

A sound once was heard
Along a bubbling stream
An Antiphony of gurgling and sputtering
A Bel Canto of burbling and frothing
Not so much as Agraphia, but sorry to behold
A babbling brook so wheezy

Such a sound was heard
By a kindly passerby
Who took out a cough drop
And plucked it into the river
Staining the marble softness
With red Antitoxin, with sticky antitussive

A wheezy flowing voice now silenced mid-complaint
By one with good intentions
A babbling brook to silent lake
And seeing the cause of his heartfelt actions
A passerby heard nothing
Who thought without reflection
At least no more coughing


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