Never Learn

Posted on: December 13, 2011
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Never Learn
By Salina Tesfay

My heart was pacing at what seemed like an inhuman rate. At that moment I had no idea whether I would survive. What I did know, was that my need to find the good in people had put me in that situation.

Actually, my little brother’s drug dealing is what put me in that situation. Him and his friends, I wanted to change them, save them from dying on the streets. The funny thing is I thought I did. “I sto-, we stopped” were the words that fell out of Bo’s mouth and filled me with joy.

I found plans on Bo’s desk, two days later, about picking up some meth from some warehouse. I got up at 2:00 am to follow Bo and his friend Charles in my banged up Toyota Camry.

The warehouse was a big concrete building in the middle of nowhere. It had a rough beat up feeling to it like a buff guy with too many tattoos. The place smelled of cigarettes and gasoline. The smell of bleach screamed to me that blood, or some kind of human remains, had been cleaned recently.

My stomach suddenly dropped. I knew something bad was about to happen, but foolishly I pushed the thought to the back of my mind. I thought if I could reason with Bo we could head out, and forget about what happened.

Charles spotted me first; his muddy brown eyes looked like they would burst right out of his head. I didn’t want him to stop me, so I just blurted it all out, “Don’t do this, please, please. It’s not worth it Bo, I can’t let-” I pleaded. I stopped when Bo’s eyebrows started twitching. The last time his eyebrows twitched was when he watched our mom die. I watched silently, as pure fear flowed through his eyes like a river.

I was confused until I heard “chk chk,” the cock of a gun. Without another thought I ran, trailing after Charles and Bo.

‘Run Run Run Run’ was all I could think of. The pounding footsteps of whoever was following us drove me to run even faster. I thought there was no way I could survive, but then I found a sliver of hope. I could tell that no one was dead, so obviously, these people were bad shots. ‘Maybe I won’t die,’ I thought.

Right as I had that feeling of reassurance it was ripped away from me by the searing pain from my back to stomach. I fell face-forward, not bothering to put my arms out in front of me. The pain was overwhelming. My whole body was ablaze, soon to be reduced to nothing but ashes. I felt the fire, but I neither saw nor smelled any smoke.

I wouldn’t let myself give up, but eventually the pain overtook me and I drifted into unconsciousness.

Maybe I’m not dead, but I will be. No matter what happens my brother will always deal drugs, and I’ll always try to stop him; it’s my job as his older sister.


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  1. Barbara amaya Says:

    Moving story about a brother and sister relationship, sad

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