Critique of “The Broken House”

Posted on: September 4, 2011
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This poem is the clear winner of this contest due to the open-ended appeal that reaches into the lives of many who face tragedy. “The Broken House” can apply to anyone whether what they face is the actual loss of a home due to fire or the metaphorical home of one’s soul. No matter the case, he or she facing destruction often wonder, sometimes with anger, if the house will be rebuilt – if it is rebuilt, will it be what we hope, fall short, or become a palace. To write a poem that reaches everyone can lead to such general language that it seems to speak to no one. “The Broken House” walks a fine line that opens the door for the world to walk in while creating an enjoyable seat indoors to get comfortable. There is a sadness in the poem’s end that whispers of doubt. Reality is a brilliant tool in poetry even if people think dreamscapes don’t need it – often it is essential.

-The Watch Me Bounce Editorial Staff


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  1. Neni Iryani Says:

    Dear editors,

    Thank you so much for the critique. You seem know this poem by heart, and it’s a surprise for me that other people can understand well this poem…

    Take care… :)

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