From the Archives: “Dancing for Exercise” (3rd Place Winner in Poetry)

Posted on: August 13, 2012
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Dancing for Exercise
By Barbara Loyd
When my parents divorced our move
ended my tap and ballet dance classes;
now, decades later, a new opportunity to dance
at the YMCA has rekindled my passion.

Offerings such as tap, ballet, belly and Latin Dance
tantalized me. It became hard to choose, so I signed up
for all classes. For four days a week I perform tap routines,
plies, hip thrusts and Sambas with lively groups of women,
some older, most younger.
We give it our all, fascinated to see our progress
move from awkward to graceful after a few weeks.
I cannot keep my feet or hips still once the music starts.
Now, the rhythm in my soles finds expression.
Others like to exercise using machines, but my heart smiles
while the dance instructors put us through our paces.
As we leap and grind, “Shuffle off to Buffalo,” or
swirl our scarves in seductive swoops, my joy soars.
If one’s heart is young, it is never too late to pick
up the beat after circumstances interrupt us.
Our passions never wane when we seize another chance.
Often, later is better when we continue our dance.


3 Responses to “From the Archives: “Dancing for Exercise” (3rd Place Winner in Poetry)”

  1. Barbara Loyd Says:

    I am thrilled to be in such talented company.

  2. Barbara Lilienthal Says:

    Keeping moving those feet…proud of you for being inspirational.

  3. Glo Martin Says:

    Loved your poem. You are truly a special person, God has blessed you with many talents. Keep up the good work. Congratulations!

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