2nd Place Winner in Poetry: “Unbeaten”

Posted on: August 13, 2012
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By Cathy Bryant

You can never beat her now, the woman
who was the wide-eyed, silent child
beaten in so many ways.
After much bleeding and pain she healed
enough to scar; scar tissue is hard, strong.
Yet she has come further, learned to open again
to be soft at times; like the fragile blooms
of plants that broke through concrete to grow,
tiny, sweet miracles for the eye to learn.
The regaining of a self vulnerable enough
to open up to love, to caring, to possible hurt,
is her greatest gift, her prize for the effort
she made when her abusers thought
the light had died in her eyes,
that they had beaten her in all ways.
She stands straight, complete, in a life
and a self she built over time, and the silence
of the abused child has become a fine clear song
and the illuminating Braille of loving touch.


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