1st Place Winner in Poetry: “Zombie”

Posted on: August 13, 2012
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By H.R. Zeio

Raw rubbed knees, razor wire carpet fiber
Flashing fisted hair, bared teeth bitten apple cheek
Scalp Scrubbed pleas, throat on fire (‘M not a Survivor!)
Collapsing wishes (SCARED), spare me! wit will help me sneak
The knives of dancing lives scar so deep inside, too hard to not hide
Emergence comes with the setting of many funs
And, Then I Am Done. Look, there
A way.
Iron hot strike, tock and ticked waste
Steel fraught fight, -SHOCK- wind, your burned face
Turn around in case!
The danger still beats,
Thus the stronger stranger within
Holds an unfinished feat
Masculinity crimping in the heat
Don’t cry, finish the soul-releasing sin
Muscle finity, control the dying meat
An ultimate domestic win
Congealing anger pooled around my feet
The relaxing of my mind as the last twitches leave the body undefined


If the world of poetry and resilience were a solar system, this poem would be a star. “Zombie” gives readers a rippling, real account of one person’s struggle against what, among other adversities, can be interpreted as domestic violence. The author deserves praise not only for her exemplary writing, but for her strength. The author and subject of this piece deserve recognition for getting through what they have endured; the author also deserved gratitude, because by sharing this piece it is possible they can inspire others to overcome adversity as well.


This poem is the strongest piece of poetry Watch Me Bounce has ever received. It is carefully written and the maturity here is amazing. There should be care taken in using capital letters. I see where the poet is going, but I’m not sure this poem needs it. I say that because the words themselves are too good to need an emphasis. Each line feeds into the next without effort.

This poet has real talent. This is brave and stays away from being dramatic. It’s a true telling of events from a painful part of someone’s life.

“Zombie” is very close to great. It’s raw, but that is a strength here.


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